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Together, We Are the Solution for a more Sustainable Future

The need to move from one place to another will never change, and the commercial transportation sector is a big part of the global emissions problem. That’s where we can help. Microvast innovates, develops, and manufactures lithium-ion batteries to meet the rigorous requirements of commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, and specialty vehicles. Whether it’s buses, delivery vans, mining trucks, or material handling—we’ve got you covered.

Our batteries have earned us bragging rights.

Ultra-fast charging capabilities

With our ultra-fast charging capabilities, you can achieve a full recharge in as little as 10 minutes. Faster charging means enhanced electric vehicle mobility and accelerated adoption of electric vehicles.

Safety first

Safety is our top priority. With our patented chemistries, superior battery components, advanced battery management, and thermal management systems, we have consistently ensured safe and reliable operations for over 17 years (field-tested with real-world operational experience).

Long life

Our battery system is designed to match the lifespan of the vehicle, reducing the total cost of ownership and supporting sustainability.

Go farther

Our industry-leading energy density allows for more energy in a smaller volume, leading to a longer range and going farther on a single charge.

We Get You.

The perfect fit

To minimize the total cost of ownership, we tailor the best battery chemistry and system level performance to optimize your application’s operational requirements.

We know what you need

We understand that commercial vehicles and applications have different requirements than commodity batteries used in passenger cars.

We've got you covered

Depending on your needs, we offer a full range of energy densities from (95-270 Wh/kg) and long battery lifespans from 2,500+ to 20,000+ cycles.


Best-in-class charging performance (10-30 minutes).

technology that's A leap ahead.

Superior technology

We offer a variety of cells, modules and packs using best-in-class advanced materials and technology.

Third-party testing

All of our battery solutions are independently tested for safety, charge time capabilities, and the cycle-life test demonstrating how well the cell chemistry performs under extended high-performance usage and different commercially related conditions.


  • Vans and light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks
  • City and long-haul buses
  • Agriculture, construction, and earth moving equipment (ACE)
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGV)
  • Mining trucks
  • Marine, railway, and aviation

Battery Cells

Technical Specifications
ProductMpco 48ah
HpCO 35.5Ah rendering
HnCO 52Ah rendering
Energy Density205 Wh/kg235 Wh/kg265 Wh/kg
Pouch Cell48Ah NMC53.5Ah NMC52Ah NMC
Charging Time16 minutes for
80% DOD
48 minutes for
80% DOD
30 minutes for
80% SOC
Operation Temperature Range-20°C – 55°-20°C – 55°-20°C – 55°
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Battery Module

Technical Specifications

VDA Battery Module

ProductVDA Module
Energy2308.8 Wh
Nominal Voltage22.2V
Energy Density210 Wh/kg
Max. Cont. Current104A
Peak Current312A
Dimension (mm)355×151.5×108
Weight11 kg
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Battery Packs

Technical Specifications
ProductMicrovast Mv B Battery Pack
MV-B Gen 4
Microvast Mv C Battery Pack
MV-C Gen 4
Microvast Gen 1 Battery Pack
MV-I Gen 1
Dimension (mm)760x660x2501060x660x2501785x700x250
EnergyUp to 28.5 kWhUp to 42.8 kWhUp to 71.3 kWh
Weight166 kg242 kg398kg
Energy Density170 Wh/kg175 Wh/kg180 Wh/kg
Max. Cont. Current300A300A300A
Peak Current500A500A500A
Integrated BDUNoNoYes
Integrated Cooling PlateYesYesYes
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Talk to our team of experts to find the best battery solution for your needs

Our battery management system is designed to exceed your expectations.

Transportation Battery Microchip

The smart choice

Microvast’s proprietary BMS 5.0 is the brain of the battery pack, responsible for monitoring cell voltages, module temperatures, and battery pack current. It detects isolation faults and controls the thermal management system.

Our Battery Management System (BMS) 5.0 is the smart answer for extending battery pack lifetime and improving overall vehicle safety.

Top-notch safety and security

Our BMS 5.0 is designed with safety and security as the top priority, meeting automotive functional safety standards “ISO 26262” and automotive cybersecurity standards “ISO 21434.”

Extended battery life

Time is money, and we’ve helped lower your total cost of ownership by extending our battery pack lifetime. You’ll also enjoy more efficient and accurate measurements of state of charge, health, and power.

Leading performance

With built-in digital twin technology, Microvast’s BMS 5.0 enables early prediction and prompt maintenance to ensure you are always at the top of your game.

Data-driven decisions

Make decisions based on real information with our BMS 5.0 using data-driven machine learning and physics-based models with cloud support. You will have access to self-paced online simulations, computation of capacity and internal resistance, remaining useful life (RUL) monitoring, and state of health (SOH) with negligible rates of error.

Worker Inspecting Circuit Board
Powered By Microvast Car


The BMS 5.0 is fully configurable for all Microvast cell chemistries and battery characteristics. Our BMS features Microvast’s 3P (Predict-Prevent-Protect) safety management process. 3P actively intervenes with software controls and specialized electronics to predict internal resistance and failures, and isolate failing components to prevent failures for the rest of the battery pack.

State-of-the-art equalization capabilities

Our BMS 5.0 includes state-of-the-art equalization for maximum battery pack capacity based on the custom consistent power balancing strategy.

high energy density. superior safety. ultra-fast charging capabilities.The opportunities are vast.

Maximize your mobility with Microvast.Interested?
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