Proprietary, Advanced Battery Components

As a vertically integrated lithium-ion battery manufacturer, Microvast designs, develops, and produces advanced, proprietary battery components with strong competitive advantages.

Polyaramid Separator Our exclusive polyaramid separator, with 26 patented technologies, has significant safety advantages over polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) separators, including high mechanical and thermal stabilities, helping to ensure less thermo-migration.
Full Concentration Gradient Cathode Our proprietary full-concentration gradient cathode (FCG) has 33 patents and offers a safe and reliable solution that not only increases energy density, but also minimizes the use of cobalt in the cathode.

In November 2022, Microvast, in collaboration with General Motors, was selected to receive a $200 million DOE grant to support the construction of a new separator manufacturing facility in the U.S.

Our FCG cathode and polyaramid separator is available for passenger car original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and consumer electronics manufacturers.

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