What sets us apart? We're 100% Vertically Integrated.

Microvast is a leader in the innovation and technology of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. We design, develop, and manufacture premier battery cells, modules, and packs for transportation, heavy equipment, and utility-scale energy storage systems (ESS).

We are a vertically integrated battery manufacturer, and as such we design and produce the following battery components: cathode, anode, electrolyte, and separator.


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Complete control and custom
R&D capabilities at each step
of development and manufacturing.
Advanced Battery Components Advanced Battery Components
Battery Cells Battery Cells
Battery Modules Vda Battery Module
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Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Energy Storage Systems

We’ve got your battery requirements covered.

Microvast offers a broad range of cell chemistries, including lithium titanate oxide (LTO), lithium iron phosphate (LFP), nickel manganese cobalt version 1 (NMC-1), and nickel manganese cobalt version 2 (NMC-2). Based on our customers’ applications, we can customize the design and development, integrating the ideal chemistry into our cell, module, and pack manufacturing.


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Microvast Vehicles Illustrated at charging stations
Chemistry and Benefits
LTOLithium Titanate

Ultra-fast charging capabilities

Ultra-long cycle life

Safest lithium-ion battery chemistry

LFPLithium Ferrophosphate

Lowest cost

Good cycle life

NMC-1Lithium Nickel-
Manganese-Cobalt Oxide

Ultra-fast charging capabilities

Long cycle life

NMC-2Lithium Nickel-
Manganese-Cobalt Oxide

Highest energy density

Fast charging

Long cycle life


Microvast is IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified, and we are strictly implementing those standards, from raw material inspection to manufacturing monitoring and all the way to final product delivery.

We invest in the latest technology and automation to help ensure consistently reliable, high-quality batteries with an excellent safety profile.

E Bus Station Microvast

Keeping you on the move.

Our battery solutions for transportation and heavy equipment feature high energy density, superior safety, long life, and ultra-fast charging capabilities. Our batteries are perfect for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks; buses; trains; mining trucks; marine and port applications; and automated, guided, and specialty vehicles.

battery Cells

HpCO-53.5Ah Energy CelL

Cell HpCO 53.5Ah rendering
Energy Density 235 Wh/kg
Pouch Cell 53.5Ah NMC
Charging Time 48 minutes for 80% DOD @ RT
Operation Temperature Range -20°C – 55°

HnCO-52Ah Energy CelL

Cell Hnco 52 Microvast
Energy Density 265 Wh/kg
Pouch Cell 52Ah NMC
Charging Time 30 minutes for 80% SOC
Operation Temperature Range -20°C – 55°

MpCO-48Ah Power Cell

MpCO 48Ah product rendering
Energy Density 205 Wh/kg
Pouch Cell 48Ah NMC
Charging Time 16 minutes for 80% DOD @RT
Operation Temperature Range -20°C – 55°

battery Module

VDA Module

VDA Battery Module
Energy2308.8 Wh
Nominal Voltage22.2V
Energy Density210 Wh/kg
Max Cont. Current104A
Peak Current312A
Weight11 kg

battery Packs

MV-B Gen 4

Microvast Mv B Battery Pack
Dimension (mm)760 X 660 X 250
Energy (RT 0-100% SOC at 1C)Up to 28.5 kWh
Weight166 kg
Energy Density170 Wh/kg
Max Cont. Current300A
Peak Current500A
Integrated BDUNo
Integrated Cooling PlateYes

MV-C Gen 4

Microvast Mv C Battery Pack
Dimension (mm)1060 X 660 X 250
Energy (RT 0-100% SOC at 1C)Up to 42.8 kWh
Weight242 kg
Energy Density175 Wh/kg
Max Cont. Current300A
Peak Current500A
Integrated BDUNo
Integrated Cooling PlateYes

MV-I Gen 1

Microvast Gen 1 Battery Pack
Dimension (mm)1785 X 700 X 250
Energy (RT 0-100% SOC at 1C)Up to 71.3 kWh
Weight398 kg
Energy Density180 Wh/kg
Max Cont. Current200A
Peak Current400A
Integrated BDUYes
Integrated Cooling PlateYes
Mvi Bch 004 3 3 23 (10) Camera Camera 16

Meeting the needs of domestically manufactured utility-scale energy storage systems.

Microvast’s utility-scale battery energy storage system [ESS] stores power generated by solar or wind and then dispatches the stored power to the grid when needed, such as during periods of peak electricity demand. Our ESS solution increases the grid’s resilience, reliability, and performance while helping to reduce emissions and to mitigate climate change. Our energy storage solution provides an industry-leading 4.3 MWh per 20’ container and is easily transported and deployed.


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