Shanghai Disneyland, the HEV With Microvast Power System

[China, Shanghai] 2016.5.7, Shanghai Disneyland has begun its trial operation. At the same time, 40 mysterious figures appeared in the Disney village and officially started their first job to provide shuttle service in the park.

Disney 1

Here they are. With a cute front-end and a chubby body, they also feature decals of well-known Disney character Mickey Mouse. These buses are known as “Little Blue.” Little Blue utilizes Microvast’s ultra-fast charge, long-life, high-safety batteries. The buses consume less fuel, run faster and have won the unanimous approval of the Shanghai Disney staff.


Disney 2

Little Blue’s job is to run the whole day between six Disney theme parks (Disneyland – Treasure Bay – Dream World – Tomorrow’s World – Kinks Garden – Adventure Island), which has made “him” the busiest park caretaker. Not only does “he” lead groups of tourists into the wonderful world of Disney, but Little Blue is also in charge of tourist shuttle service between the park and Disney hotels. The Shanghai Disneyland shuttle bus load is approximately 40,000-60,000 visitors a day, and the figure is expected to grow to 80,000 after the official opening of the park. With such a high frequency of passenger transport, buses with Microvast batteries can ensure completion of the task! With zero emissions and no noise, “Little blue” is the full realization of the green travel requirements of the Disney resort.

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