Microvast Awarded “2013 Leading Li-ion Battery Supplier”

Dec 6, 2013 – Microvast Power Systems was recognized as a Top 10 Leading Li-Ion Battery Supplier in China in the event organized by GaoGong Li-ion Battery (GGLB), one of the leading internet media in Li-ion battery industry. The top 10 brands of Li-ion power battery manufacturers award is one of the most important in the series of the Gold-Globe Awards event; those companies who are nominated represents the highest technology level as well as market trend in China. The awards are rewarded to 10 Li-ion battery manufactures out of 30 nominations with a total number of 6,791 real-name votes. Microvast is recognized by the industry with its leading position and good reputation. As reported, the top 10 manufactures covers over 60% of automotive Li-ion battery markets in China.

Microvast has set up its leading brand image in the industry with its advanced fast-charging technology as well as years of public transportation operations experiences on electric buses. With the implementation of the new subsidy policy, the market in China will see fast growing in the near future.


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