“Marathon” Can Be Achieved by the Fast Charge – Urban – Rural Bus Fast Charge Is Online Soon

May 5, 2016 – Huzhou – Recently, 30 12-meter Fu Tian all-electric buses equipped with Microvast fast-charge batteries lined up at the Huzhou high-speed rail station to complete testing and begin operation. This is the second year that Huzhou Public Transit has used electric buses. These fast-charging electric buses were put on the high-speed Huzhou to Nanxun bus line, traveling nearly 100 kilometers on a single trip, to achieve a “fast-charging station and long-mileage” combination. “Marathon” can also be achieved, thanks to the rapid charge rate.


E Bus Fleet

These all-electric buses are equipped with Microvast’s fast-charge battery, with the service time having the same lifespan as the vehicle. While achieving its fast charge, full consideration into the design of the battery operation and late mileage requirements for operators were taken into account to solve the customers’ worries, greatly reducing operating costs and improving attendance. All of these vehicles were delivered to Huzhou Nanxun urban and rural bus lines to replace the existing natural gas transit buses.


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