Innovation Leads to Breakthroughs — Microvast Wins the 2016 Annual GGLB Golden Ball Award

The evening of December 9, 2016, the GGLB Golden Ball Award Ceremony – the “Oscars” of the lithium industry – was held in Shenzhen. Thanks to our “fast-charge, long-life, high-safety” battery technology and products, Microvast won multiple Golden Balls. We received the 2016 Innovative Technology Golden Ball Award, the 2016 Innovative Products Golden Ball Award, and the 2016 Most Investment Value of the Enterprise Award from GGII.

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2016 GGLB Golden Ball Award Ceremony

The GGLB Golden Ball Award Ceremony has been held annually since 2013. This year’s theme was “Seeking new power in the industry.” The event attracted nearly 150 domestic and international lithium battery industry enterprises, covering lithium materials, equipment, batteries, motors, electronic controls, car companies and other lithium-related businesses.

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2016 Annual Conference of GGLB

In considering the design of power batteries, Microvast has long adhered to the concept of “user-centricity.” That is, thinking from the user’s point of view, beyond the boundaries of traditional battery design, according to actual operational needs. As a Microvast business representative at the GGLB forum said, “Whether bus or taxi companies, their real demand for pure electric vehicles have three aspects: First, ensure operational efficiency; second, lower operating costs, so they can be compared to traditional fuel vehicles; third, lower total cost of ownership.”

It is also based on this understanding, coupled with eight years of persistence and effort, that Microvast could achieve the breakthrough of fast-charging (10-15 minutes), ten thousand cycles of battery life, and high safety in battery technology. As a leading company in fast-charge technology, Microvast established the “fast-charge, long-life, high-safety” direction of technology research and development in 2008, and began large-scale application of fast-charging battery in 2011. In recognition of these accomplishments, Microvast was proud to receive the annual “Innovative Technology” and “Innovative Product” Golden Ball Awards, reflecting the lithium industry’s recognition.

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Microvast’s business representative delivered a speech at the forum

2016 witnessed major progress in the new energy automotive industry. There have been numerous policy changes this year, leading to profound impacts and changes in the development programs in the automotive industry – with some companies fighting for survival. In this industry climate, Microvast will continue to maintain a strong spirit of innovation. With a firm commitment to China’s future development of new energy vehicles, we will work toward meeting user and market demand to create greater value for the new energy automotive market.


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