Hurry Up! BRT Fast Charge

[China, Lianyungang] There are 110 12-meter all-electric buses equipped with Microvast fast charge batteries “ready to go” in Lianyungang three “fast” combined: “Fast Traffic Track + fast charge + fast charging stations,” the pure electric operating mode in Lianyungang 6 BRT bus rapid transit lines.[?]

Brt 1
12-meter BRT Rapid Transit buses equipped with fast-charge batteries

“Fast charging + fast-charge stations” operation mode guarantees reliable operation of the BRT bus

Since August 2015, Lianyungang has installed 68 electric bus charging stations, which have successfully laid a solid foundation for fast-charge electric transit bus operation. The first on-line 12M all-electric BRT buses are equipped with Microvast fast-charge systems. They are charged two or three times a day for just 15-20 minutes at a time, in order to meet the full-day operating requirements.

BRT bus with fast-charge capability facilitates tourist attraction transportation

These BRT bus fleets will also be running on the main routes in Lianyungang and will connect the city to the tourist attractions of Lianyungang. The B1K Line (train station – Zaihaiyifang park) round trip is about 60km and includes the transfer between the train station and tourist attractions. The excellent performance of fast-charging along with “zero” emissions has greatly enhanced the local Green Travel Resorts transportation. It’s equipped with Microvast fast charge batteries, which can be synchronized with the traditional operating life of the vehicle. The result is low-carbon, green, environmentally friendly travel. It also integrates “one-main road, two-ring road, five-branch” BRT in Lianyungang, which becomes a beautiful landscape of the city.


Brt 2
BRT fast-charge bus during its 15-20-minute break time

It is reported that, in 2016, more EV buses will be put into operation in Lianyungang and all older buses will be replaced in the urban area. Low consumption, low emission, low pollution, high efficiency and sustainable development of new city buses will be gradually established.

Microvast CCT Green Bus System diversified presentation

Currently, London (UK), Minster (Germany), Beijing, Chongqing, Xi’an, Xuzhou, Nanjing and other cities are using the Microvast fast-charge battery system. The case of Lianyungang is also an extension of Microvast fast-charge technology application. It will further optimize the public transportation network layout to rapid transit as the key line, tourist bus, customized bus, school bus, transit bus and community bus to diversified public transport network, and align with Microvast’s CCT (Clean City Transport) strategy for the new direction of the diversified clean energy bus system.


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