First “Green Bus Line” in Linan Equipped With Microvast Ultra-Fast Charge Technology!

In recent years, the new energy industry has been booming and urban public transport has accelerated the transformation upgrade. Equipped with Microvast’s ultra-fast charge technology, new-energy buses have started operating in Jiaxing, Huzhou, Shaoxing, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Quzhou, Taizhou, Jinhua, and there are eight urban operations in Zhejiang Province. Lin’an has even launched the first urban “green bus line”, which became the ninth city in Zhejiang Province equipped with Microvast ultra-fast charge technology.

Today, the number of e-buses equipped with Microvast ultra-fast charge technology has reached 600, and the coverage in urban area has reached 81.8%. These buses have replaced the old “yellow car”, contributing to not only the safe transport of passengers every day, but also in an environmentally friendly way.


Linan E-bus 1

The K3 “green bus line” benefits from Microvast’s ultra-fast charge technology to achieve charging within 10-15 minutes, making the fast charge as quick as refueling to ensure the full operation of the bus. With Microvast’s patented Smart Thermal Liquid (STL) intelligent thermal control technology, our ultra-fast charge system ensures normal operation of the vehicle even at high temperatures, which greatly enhances the safety factor of the vehicle.


Linan E-bus 2

Microvast is strongly pursuing development of a new energy concept, focusing on technology breakthroughs, ultra-fast charge capability and realizing the benefits of fast-charging. This innovation is significantly cheaper and cleaner than using conventional fossil fuel, and just as simple and convenient. Today, Microvast’s ultra-fast charge technology is powering many green transportation networks in different cities, creating a new public transport system. According to a Hangzhou Lin’an bus company representative, the carrier will continue to expand the use of fast-charge buses in 2016.


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