Commercial Vehicles

High-valued assets should be used frequently and efficiently to maximize the owner’s return on investment. To minimize the total cost of ownership, the best battery chemistry and system level performance can be tailored to optimize the application’s operational requirements.

Energy Storage Focused on High Performance Applications

Li-ion batteries can play a powerful role in energy storage in the following applications.


Storing energy from solar, wind, and other natural resources


Battery backup for data centers


Battery supply for peak energy demand and grid management

Frequency Regulation

Passenger Vehicles

Consumers are pushing for high energy density for longer range and faster charging times to maximize use. At the same time, the OEM wants to increase the margin for safety.

High energy density battery performance
Aramid separator
Gradient cathode

Consumer Electronics

Consumers are demanding longer battery life and faster charging capabilities for their consumer electronics

Microvast’s Gradient Cathode technology can offer longer battery life
Microvast’s Aramid Separator can increase the battery’s margin to safety without compromising performance.