Innovating tomorrow's technology.Powering your today.

Lithium-ion battery solutions for transportation, heavy equipment, and energy storage.

Forward Thinking.

Microvast produces innovative and reliable lithium-ion batteries with advanced technologies. With nearly two decades of experience in battery development, we’re accelerating the adoption of clean energy with the installation of more than 31,000 battery systems in 34 countries.

Global Leader in Lithium-ion Battery Technology and Innovation

Microvast is recognized globally as an industry leader in lithium-ion battery innovation and technology. Our team of experts and our comprehensive portfolio of battery solutions continue to set the standard and deliver measurable value to our customers and their operations.

Microvast is vertically integrated with absolute control from the R&D process to the manufacturing of our battery packs and energy storage system (ESS), this includes the core battery chemistry (cathode, anode, electrolyte, and separator).

With established manufacturing worldwide, we can provide the right lithium-ion battery solution to meet the needs of many different industries, including commercial electric vehicles, utility-scale energy storage, and heavy equipment.

Our Battery Solutions

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