Vertical Integration
Standard Module
Microvast’s standard battery module is built with standard-sized cells. We have designed and provided battery module and pack solutions to suit precise customer needs in various focuses, with high-power density and capable of 10-15 minute fast charging.
Technology Advantages
Integrated structure design
Connect external power and communication ports with a flexible arrangement; flexible layout can be multi-layered with frames.
Advanced heat management technology
An internal cooling system maintains module heat balance and allows battery operation to be more stable and secure.
Flexible to the space in vehicle
Best for mid-duty hybrid power system.
3.0 Fast-Charge Battery Module
Microvast’s 3.0 fast-charge battery module can meet both the requirements of small quantity and high customization of commercial vehicles. It is the best way to lower long-term cost, improve quality stability and ensure accessory supplements through mass production of modulation and standardization.
3.0 Fast-Charging Battery Module Advantages:
Compact structural design improves module energy density.
Flexible cooling options
Universal standardized modular box design. Based on different application needs, we could use a modular-end-plate suite to implement three cooling modes. Meanwhile, Microvast’s unique STL fluid condenses at high speeds, isolates and suppresses the thermal runaway point, and thus dramatically lowers safety risk during vehicle collisions. By circulating the liquid with the battery completely submerged, STL technology cools and balances the battery cells more effectively under fast charge conditions, reducing system complexity and weight.
Easy Maintainability:
one person, three minutes
Easy positioning and fastening allows a module to be replaced within 30 seconds. One person can complete the installation and breakdown of 30 modules in one hour without requiring a forklift. All the low- and high-voltage connections can be serviced on the front face of each module while avoiding potentially rear side wiring. Embedded design of LECU makes it possible to change one LECU in two minutes.
Versatile configuration to fit available vehicle space
Drawer-like design can be easily configured to fit a wide variety of available vehicle spaces.
Technology Advantages
Higher Energy Density
Energy density up to 116 wh/kg
STL Inside
STL technology included, with IP67 protection, for better performance and safety control.
Standardized and Flexible
Standard module design, flexible in voltage, Ah, and deployment.

MV-B Standard Module

660mm(W)*820mm(D)*240mm(H), 15.6 kWh, 134Kg

MV-C Standard Module

660mm(W)*1100mm(D)*240mm(H), 23.3 kWh, 200Kg

MV-E Standard Module

660mm(W)*960mm(D)*150mm(H), 12.44 kWh, 120Kg