Vertical Integration
Microvast Ultra-Fast Charging cells including LpTO (Gen I) and LpCO (Gen II) chemistry. Both cells can be recharged in 10-15 minutes with extremely long cycle life.
LpTO™ is the ideal solution for heavy-duty applications such as electric urban transit buses, plug-in hybrid electric buses, and hybrid electric buses, as well as the most difficult energy storage applications, such as: frequency regulation and delivering firmed power for intermittent renewable energy sources, including solar and wind.
Performance Advantages
10 minute
Ultra fast charging
Full cycles
Currently, it is the safest lithium ion battery chemistry system
Wide temperature range
The temperature range of Microvast LpTO battery is wider than other li-ion battery
Modified amorphous carbon, with morphology and particle size similar to traditional graphite, and a surface area 20 times that of traditional graphite, is used as the anode in LpCO chemistry. Higher surface area provides increased channels to enhance Li-ion mobility and insertion, enabling fast charging and long life.
Performance Advantages
15 minute
Fast charging
Cycle life
Higher energy density
Microvast LpCO(Gen II) cell is higher in energy density than LpTO (Gen I).