Vertical Integration
Battery System
Standard battery system
We have designed and provided standard battery modules and the brand new 3.0 battery pack solutions to suit a variety of customer requirements.
Technology advantages
Simplified packing
Advance and simplified packing technology
Flexible design
Make the design be suitable for different space requirement
Maximum space
Flexibility mazimizes utilization of available space
Production Scalability
Standard scale production of battery module ensures not only the quality of battery module, but also the competitive cost.
Flexible design
In the premise of ensuring product quality and cost , we can still make the design be suitable for different space requirement in the vehicle, and try our best to provide customers with customized solutions.
Stable and reliable
Mature applications of mass production makes it stable and reliable.
Microvast has developed an ultra-fast charging battery pack, MVPACK, which consists of LpCO cells. The battery pack has the thickness of only 11cm, allowing the pack to be adapted to most electric car structure designs.
Technology advantages
Ultra Fast charge
MVPACK has a 10-15 minutes ultra fast full charging capability (4C).
Mileage range
MVPACK can be capable of reaching a mileage range of 300 kilometers with one full charge.
Designed to last the life of the vehicle 600,000 km
Aided by its extraordinary cycle life performance, MVPACK in electric cars result in battery life equivalent to the vehicle eliminating the need for batter replacement, significantly reducing costs.
Modularized battery system design
Based on car body integration requirements, battery modules can be flexibly arranged to meet the needs ofdifferent vehicles. The modularized design ensures reliable and stable battery pack, which can be easily maintained, with repeatable consistency for mass production.
Microvast’s proprietary STL fluid condenses at high speeds, isolates and suppresses the thermal runway point, and thus dramatically lowers the safety risk during accidents.
Operation guaranty
By employing modularized system design, each single module is designed for independent operation, guaranteeing the normal operation of vehicle when some of the modules are taken offline. These advantages improve the reliability of our battery system.