With the technical superiority in raw chemical material system, Microvast’s ultra fast charging battery can achieve 10-15 minutes full charging. The long lifecycle of Microvast’s ultra fast charging battery system provides comprehensive solutions for different applications from public transit to passenger vehicle, from grid energy storage to port and mining equipment.

Passenger Vehicle

Microvast Technology

  • Modular Design
    Modular design, the system consists of several MVPack
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  • Fast Charging
    15 minutes fast charge to meet the vehicle mobility requirements
  • Long Life
    Synchronization with vehicle life, design life of 600,000 km
  • Driving Support
    Using high-energy density batteries, with life mileage of 300 km

MVPack has the ability of 4C (10-15minute) ultra-fast charging, so that the mileage of an electric taxi can reach to 300 km. It’s extremely long circle life makes the electric car drive 600 thousand kilometers without replacement. Its excellent features and low maintenance costs are ideal for urban taxis and other 24-hour vehicle applications, and long life battery also ensures long-term operational economics.

A few hours of charging deprive the car's mobility properties. Equipped with MVPack, a pure electric passenger can use the expressway fast charging pile for fast charging while traveling on a long distance, and can also use the slow charging pile at home to reduce the use cost. Meanwhile, 300 km of recharge mileage also meet the needs of the vast majority of users.